Join Our Team

Why Join Our Team

Navigate Home is more than just a networking group for like-minded professionals in the Senior Service industry. Our group is client facing, focused on provided education and trusted resources to members of the Senior Community as well as their support system. By locking arms, we can identify a need of our client and connect them with a professional in the area of their needs. We want to be the beacon to guide a family through a crisis and to provide education and resources so families can prepare for life’s ever-changing needs. This model makes Navigate Home unique and a valuable place for any business who shares our values to serve & protect our Seniors. 


Team Member Responsibilities

As professionals, we meet once a month to review the challenges our clients & businesses are experiencing, sharing success stories and planning any educational events. Our list of members includes professionals from an assortment of service industries. Each of our members are vetted and given an opportunity to explore our membership prior to joining. A Navigate Home Membership is on an annual basis, exclusive representation per profession, and includes the following: 

  •    Access to our website  
    • Provides a library of videos for prospective clients to review 
    • Lead generation capabilities for each member 
    • Resource list of other Navigate Home members to offer as safe, trusted resource. 
  •    Participation in online and in person events 
  •    Networking Opportunities to build referral connections 
  •    Provide a valued & trusted resource to the Senior Community 
  •    Annual dues per exclusive profession


Bringing Navigate Home to Your Area

Should your profession currently be represented, please still reach out to us. We sometimes have openings after the annual commitment ends or we may have openings as people change positions. We are also exploring future expansion opportunities.